Crona Virus Info Page

Basic Facts: 


Jay Peak Trail Runners…..See you in 2021.

I have re typed this email @ 5-6 times…..all with much trepidation. I want to explain all the details, but also know that you dont want to read a 6 page dissertation. This isn’t just an event for us at Sub 5, it is a family tradition. Family being my wife and kids of course who have grown up working and running the races, but family also being my crew. Many of them have been with us since the first year and despite having large events all over the US, we always talk about how we can’t wait for JPTRF. Then finally, family being you, the runners. Again, some of you have been running with us since the first year and JPTRF is like a reunion.

So, while postponing most of our events for 2020 has really hit us hard both financially and emotionally, postponing the JPTRF has been the hardest by far.

Why can’t we have it?

1) Financially it is deep in the red. Not having our Sat races meant we were rolling the dice in hoping we would get more for our Sunday races. Add in that we are (were) one of the only event happening, we figured we could get the # of runners needed. Heck, we were even willing to have it if it were breaking even or slightly red. But it isn’t. Our last hope was getting a grant from the state that we would be willing to use to invest in it. We were denied.
2) State guidelines really limited Jay Peak as to what they can have open and at what capacity. With restrictions like masks on, even outside, restrictions on how we can have our aid stations, and after party,no store open, one restaurant and limited park amenities, we just didnt feel like we could give you even a remote version of JPTRF that you were expecting. Let me be clear, we understand and respect the guidelines and restrictions placed by the state of VT & JP. The main goal is safety and they are doing what they think is best. We just can’t have any version of an event that we feel is worthy with them in place.

3) State travel restrictions. With VT having a 2 week quarantine requirement for red out of state counties, we were going to have some significant issues since most of our runners come from those.
4) Canadian border shut down. 30-40% of our runners are friends from the north. They arent allowed in. 🙁
All of these factors led us to say, “see you in 2021”.

Why did we wait for so long to make the announcement?

1) This email is literally one of the hardest things I had to do this year…..and trust me, there have been a lot of difficult decisions placed in front of us both as a business and personally as a family. We were hoping that Covid would pass and we would be ready to race when it did. It didn’t.
2) We knew that Steve Wright (president of Jay Peak) is on a state committee to advise for reopening and that that meeting was Friday the 14th. We checked in over the weekend to hopefully get the news that they will be accelerating the opening process. That did not happen. They are expecting things to look pretty much the same as they do now trhough Labor Day Weekend.

So what are we offering?

1) Everyone is obviously entered into the 2021 event.
2) You will offered a coupon code for our October Trail Running Festival in NH. Race distances there range from 5k to 50K. It is on a flat trail course in Nashua, NH. (
3) If you run the course and send us your proof, we will be more than happy to send you a medal. This must be done by Oct. 1.
Thank you for your trust in us. We know how disappointing this must be. Remember, we are runners too and we feel totally gutted. Covid has taken so much from so many people, especially us runners. But we will rise again and have an epic 2021. We hope to see you in Nashua in Oct &/or Jay Peak in 2021…or both!

If you made hotel reservations, please contact Jay Peak Resort.  From what I understand they have been pretty good about the situation and giving credits or refunds but I cannot speak for them.


Chris & Becky & the JP Trail Race Team