Crona Virus Info Page

Basic Facts: 

The Jay Peak Trail Fest 2020 ….as of now, is ON.  but only the Sunday races.  Sept 6.

After much deliberation and a few talks with Jay Peak Resort, we are confident that we can hold this event on Sunday, Sept 6.  PLEASE REMEMBER, this is uncharted territory.  There is no playbook we can look at and see what trail races did during the last pandemic.  We are doing the best we can to have a safe and as much as normal event. Things can change FAST.  Please know that Jay Peak Resort & Sub 5 will do everything in their power to have a safe event, but we are subject to state ordinances and laws.  We will also be adhering to our (Sub 5’s)  Common Sense & Common Sense Policy (summarized here).

We will also do everything we can to make this as “normal” as possible.  We may have to adjust how the aid stations look and we SHOULD be able to get all the swag we need, but may have to adjust there as well.  We ask for your patience as we navigate these new waters.

WE NEED YOU!  We are running (no pun intended) on a shoe string budget.  We need to have at least as many runners as we have every year just to break even.  More runners means we get to actually eat. 🙂  So PLEASE, if you are just as excited to have this event as we are, PLEASE RECRUIT YOUR FRIENDS!   We are proud to be one of, if not THE first trail race post crona.  Let’s show the world we can do this safely! 🙂

Hopefully we will answer all of your questions below.  If not, please email Chris or Becky @

  • Any SATURDAY event registrants will be offered a deferral to 2021 & a special crona price to move to a Sunday Race.  All Saturday event runners will be notified of the details. Any swag ordered will be refunded.
  • We will likely have full AID STATIONS, but please be prepared to carry your own supplies for the longer events. Details on aid stations will be released soon.
  • We plan on having a super fun socially distanced AFTER PARTY.  One advantage Jay Peak has is, plenty of space to party!
  • We will implement our “COURTESY BRACELET”.  If you see someone with one of these bracelets on (pic to be revealed later) please know that they need to be extra cautious for whatever reason (they might be a health care worker or live with a high risk person, etc) .  It is taking a lot of courage for them to come out and run.  So if you see someone with a bracelet, please just give them a little extra space or not judge them if they are wearing a mask.  Bracelets will be given to anyone who wants one at registration.
  • PACKET PICK UP will be on Friday night, & Saturday.  Hours TBA.
  • RACE WEEKEND registration.  Unknown at this point.  Check back later.
  • LODGING will be available.  There will be limited extras open.  Some things that we know will be open either in a limited fashion or fully are (again this could change), Water Park, Tram, Pizza, some Restaurants, Ice Rink, Pool.  All other excursions like arcade, rock wall, etc are being discussed by JP as we speak.
  • CANADIANS!  As of right now, you will be allowed across the border starting Aug 21.  This could change.  If it does and you are not allowed to cross the border by Sept 6th, we will refund you or defer you to 2021.
  • Specifics like bag drop and other details will be sent out via emails to registrants.Thank you for your patience as we worked hard with Jay Peak to make this happen.  They are excited to have us (already mowed most of the trails!) and will do what  they can to keep you safe.


Chris & Becky & the JP Trail Race Team

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