Want to Volunteer?

I am not going to sugar coat this.


Seriously, there is alot that goes into these races and we cannot succeed without enthusiastic volunteers.

If you

  1. like being outdoors….specifically on trails or in the woods
  2. are enthusiastic
  3. somewhat organized
  4. breathing
  5. going to be at Jay Peak on Sept 2 or 3
  6. like going to indoor water parks for free
volunteer at a race

photo credit: Jay Peak 25k Race Report | nomeatbarefeet

Then you may be the perfect candidate to be a Jay Peak Trail Running Festival Volunteer.

All volunteers get a free water park pass  per day that you volunteer.  See specific job descriptions below.  You will need to work for at least 3 hours to earn a pass.

Volunteers also get a shirt (if available) and free food.

This is a GREAT way to see your friends/family running out on the course!  Think about it, you planned on being out there anyway, except now, you get a free water park pass.

Below are a list of jobs that still need filling and the approximate time needed.  Keep in mind that if a job requires 4-6 hours, but you can only do 2 or 3, we could still use you!

Please Email Chris@sub5racing.com if you are interested in one or more of the following jobs.

Saturday  |  Sept2nd

Race Morning Registration/ Packet Pickup

6:45-9:30am – Your job will be to check in runners that are picking up their packets and/ or register race registration runners.  This is a nice, sit down job, but requires organization.

Kids Race

  • Set Up from @ 9am-10am
    • We will need help setting up our sticker stations and our water table.
  • Course Marshals from 9:30-10:30am
    • We need a few enthusiastic people to make sure our young trail runners stay on trail and get help with the sticker stations if need it.
  • Finish Line from 9:45-10:30am
    • We need people to hand out finishers medals and other schwag

5k Races

There are three 5k’s.  If you cannot help with all 3, that is ok.  Help even for one race is helpful.

  • Course Marshals – 8am-11am (or anytime in between)
    • Your job will be to make sure the runners go the correct way.  All three 5k trail runs in vermontraces overlap somewhat so runners can get confused easily.  We do have all the courses well marked, but course marshals are always nice to have.  You are also our mini cheer stations!  So being enthusiastic is helpful!
  • Water Stop – 8am-11am (or sometime in between)
    • Your job is to keep the runners hydrated.   You will also need to clean up the cups for us afterward as well.  This is a great family job!

Evening packet pick up and registration.

4pm-7pm – Your job will be to check in runners that are picking up their packets and/ or register race registration runners.  This is a nice, sit down job, but requires organization.

Sunday  |  Sept 3rd 

11 mile, 35.4k & 53.1k Ultra Races 

This can be a  long but enjoyable day.  So if you can volunteer the whole day, we have no problem handing you 2 water park passes.  Keep in mind that we will still welcome you if you can only do a few hours.

For these jobs, there will be long periods of time where it will be just you and your thoughts 25k trail race in vermontand some incredible views.  So if you don’t mind tranquility and fresh air, then this might be the perfect job for you!

Please keep in mind, you may have to do some hiking to your spot.  We do have atv’s to move people around, but they cannot get everywhere.  If you are interested in one of these jobs, but have a hard time hiking, please just let us know ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.

  • Course Marshals –  6:30am-3pm……or anytime in between.  Your job is to make sure the runners stay on course.  They get a little woozy after 10/ 15 miles, so having course marshals at key spots is crucial despite all of the course markings.
  • Check Point Marshals –  6:30am-3pm…..or anytime in between.  Your job will be to check off runners via bib # are certain points so that we have a fairly accurate list of who is where on the course.  There will also be cut off time that you need to be aware of.  Runners will not be able to continue if they do not make certain checkpoints by certain times.
  • Aide Stations – 6:30am-1pm….or anytime in between.  These are not just water stops, but whole aide stations with an assortment of energy food / liquid.  Your job will be to keep them stocked and let the crew know if you are running out of supplies.  This is a fun job because the runners are SO happy to see you.

Email chris @ chris@sub5racing.com with your name, contact info and job/time availability.

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