Why the New Distances?

Why NOT!  :)

Short answer….. feedback!

The race accomplishment for most people was not about the distance, it was about the terrain and elevation!!

Longer answer if interested…..

After several years of doing pretty much the same thing again and again, we compiled years of race feedback to see if leaving everything as is was the best route (no pun intended)….or was there a way to may JPTRF BETTER?

We found that the only real complaint about the course was all of the out n’ backs and some of the intersections were confusing.

We had these out n backs and had to re trace our steps in some places in order to get the full 25k distance.

So we set out to re create the courses from scratch.

In scouring the trails on foot and via satellite, we simply could not come up with a viable 25k course without any of the above issues.  Actually we did create one solution, but that course thus created a whole new set of issues. (involved bussing humans to a trail elsewhere….not fun)

Then we had the ephipany….queue angels singing.

When you have a 25k with over 4.5k in elevation and a 50k with almost 10k in elevation, does the distance matter that much?

We did some asking around and found out that…NO, it does not.

Like we noted above…..The reward came from conquering the elevation & terrain.

We came up with the 11 mile loop (technically it was measured as 10.99, so if you feel you need to keep running for .01 miles at the end, you are welcome to do so).  This loop offers the best of Jay Peak runnable trails.

We actually also came up with a sweet 8 mile loop, in which we would have offered a 1,2,3 or 4 lap option, but it simply left out too many awesome trails that Jay Peak offers. Thus the 11 miler was birthed.

Who will run 53.1 km?  If you ran….and finished our 50k, we know you want a new challenge.  There is something about the mentality of all of our 50k entrants that when they see the increased  distance….in a weird kind of way will love it.   You’re welcome.

While most of you were cursing the RD’s name during the race, you finished with pride and sometimes tears.  Adding another 3.1k will only make that medal sweeter.

So come join us for the remade JPTRF.  If you know of a harder race, Let me know, we want to go check it out. :)

Link to the 11 Miler

Link to the 35.4k

Link to the 53.1k ULTRA

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