Race Faq’s

The festival is a series of trail races for all abilities (ages 4-109) over Labor Day Weekend. There are three 5Ks on Saturday: run one, two or three races rated in difficulty like your ski slopes (green circle, blue square, black diamond). You may enter all three for our “Trail Runners with Issues” award too. There is a 11 mile, 22 mile & 33 mile ultra trail race on Sunday (17.7k, 35k & 53.1k).

Our race series allows the beginner to the trail running nut multiple levels to compete.

Something to note: This year’s festival is expected to sell-out so if you’re considering heading to the mountains for the Labor Day holiday, book it sooner than later.

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race faq's

Where are the sunday races aide stations and what will be at them?

For the 22 miler 53.1k, your bag drop will be at the base (mile 11, 22).

Mile 2.3 (9.5) Top of ULLR’s Dream:
water, maplewater, GU Roctane with caffeine, GU gels.

Mile 3.1 Top of the Tram:
water, maplewater, GU gels, Roctane w/ w/out caffeine, pickles (& juice), m&m’s (or something similar) chips, pb & j bites, bananas, coke.There will also be a med team stationed there with vaseline, aspirin & band aides.

Mile 5.5 Rt 242:
water, maplewater, p butter scoops, pickles, gatorade, coke, oranges

Miles 7.5 / 8.5 Stateside:
water, maplewater, cookies, bananas, chips, Roctane

Mile 9.5 (see 1st aide station info).

Mile 11 Base:
For those running the 11 miler, this is your finish.
For those running through, you will have…..cookies, maplewater, water, gatorade, bananas, pizza, p butter scoops, pickles chips GU gels.

Why the new Sunday Distances?

Why NOT!  :)

Short answer….. feedback!  

The race accomplishment for most people was not about the distance, it was about the terrain and elevation!!

Longer answer if interested…..

After several years of doing pretty much the same thing again and again, we compiled years of race feedback to see if leaving everything as is was the best route (no pun intended)….or was there a way to may JPTRF BETTER?

We found that the only real complaint about the course was all of the out n’ backs and some of the intersections were confusing.

We had these out n backs and had to re trace our steps in some places in order to get the full 25k distance.

So we set out to re create the courses from scratch.

In scouring the trails on foot and via satellite, we simply could not come up with a viable 25k course without any of the above issues.  I am sorry, we created one solution, but that solution thus created a whole new set of issues.  

Then we had the ephipany….queue angels singing.

When you have a 25k with over 4.5k in elevation and a 50k with almost 10k in elevation, does the distance matter that much?

We did some asking around and found out that…NO, it does not.

Like we noted above…..The reward came from conquering the elevation & terrain.

We came up with the 11 mile loop (technically it was measured as 10.99, so if you feel you need to keep running for .01 miles at the end, you are welcome to do so).  This loop offers the best of Jay Peak runnable trails.  

We actually also came up with a sweet 8 mile loop, in which we would have offered a 1,2,3 or 4 lap option, but it simply left out too many awesome trails that Jay Peak offers. Thus the 11 miler was birthed.

Who will run 53.1 km?  If you ran….and finished our 50k, we know you want a new challenge.  There is something about the mentality of all of our 50k entrants that when they see the increased  distance….in a weird kind of way will love it.   You’re welcome.

While most of you were cursing the RD’s name during the race, you finished with pride and sometimes tears.  Adding another 3.1k will only make that medal sweeter.

So come join us for the remade JPTRF.  If you know of a harder race, Let me know, we want to go check it out. :)

When and where is(are) the race(s)?

The races are held on Labor Day weekend every year.  This year the exact dates are Saturday, Sept 1 and Sunday, Sept 2.

All races are held at the Jay Peak Resort property @ 830 Jay Peak Rd, Jay, VT 05859

Can I run with headphones?

Yes, you can.  We personally think you may miss out on the vibe of running on the trails with music blaring in your ears, but if it helps you run better, then who are we to judge?

Are there any lodging deals for race registrants?

Yes.  You will get the code on your registration confirmation email.


Can I run with my dog?

We love dogs, but sorry, for their safety and the other runner’s safety, please leave them at home.  This policy applies to all pets including, but not limited to: cats, geckos, goldfish, alligators, yaks, yeti’s, parrots and hobbits.  Husbands are allowed, but must be leashed if they have tendency to wander into the woods.

Can I register on race morning?

Maybe.  Will let you know on Aug 25th.  

Can I get a refund if cannot run?

I am sorry, but no refunds. We use the registration $$ to purchase our medals and other necessary equipment ahead of time, so that $$ is all used up.

Keep in mind, we donate any proceeds to our chosen charity .  We understand injuries and schedule changes occur, but please know that even if you cannot come, your race fee is going to support orphans domestically and internationally before they find a forever home.  

You are welcome to come pick up your t shirt or any other schwag you paid for.  No, we do not mail them.



Can someone else pickup up my race packet?

Yes.  HOWEVER, if the person you are picking up for is over 21 and would like their beer tickets, they have to do that in person or you need a copy of their drivers license with you.  Yes, a phone photo of it is ok.

If you are picking up for a minor, then no ID is necessary.

Do I need my ID for beer?

YES.  Whether you are a 25k/50k runner and you get your free beer or you purchase beer, NO BEER WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU WITHOUT A VALID ID.  This is Vermont law.








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