Voted one of the 10 Best Fall Trail Races, 15 best Trail races in the US, Top 4 Trail Races for Kids (Trail Runner Mag),  and MORE!!

Jay Peak Runners are rewarded with
Jay Peak Runners are rewarded with

Now in its 12th year! We are getting ready for the best trail fest ever.

Jay Peak Trail Running Festival 2024
Jay Peak | VT | USA


2024 Online Registration is OPEN

Big Change this year:

Registration, Start/Finish and all other Trail fest activities are based at stateside this year

This is a unique trail running experience designed for the entire family that cannot be matched.
With 7 races for all abilities there is something for everyone.  Whether you are a kid who just likes being outdoors (where they belong), someone just trying out your first trail race, a speed goat that loves hammering until your legs give out or an ultra runner that wants to see just how far your body & spirit can go, we have a race for you.

With 3 different hotels & condos fitting every budget, an indoor water park, ice rink, climbing wall, arcade, movie theater, several restaurants and more…..there is plenty to do with the family in between races.
All registrants get a hotel discount code, so come, stay & #runJAYPEAK!

Voted: Top 15 best Trail races in the US, Top 4 Trail Races for Kids (Trail Runner Mag), Top 10 Family Trail Races & One of America’s Best Trail Races (Runners World), Masochist’s Ultra Running Bucket List (REI) *NOTE: The current course is harder than when the blog was published.  

Choose a Race!

We have 7 races over 2 days. From an Epic KIDS race to a 53.1K ULTRA, there is something for everyone....
Sunday @ 6:30 am. The Ultra, ultra run. With 9000+ ft in elevation gain, this is something you will never...
22 Miler (35.4km)
On Sunday at 6:30 am. Not quite up for an Ultra? 1 lap seems too easy? Join us for 2...
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5k Races
On Saturday starting at 8:30 am, the Black Diamond, 9:30am, Blue Square, then @ 10:30, Green Circle.
GET MORE RACE INFO!!! "5k Races"
11 Miler (17.7km)
Take one lap our Jay Peak and call it a day.....and what a day it will be.
GET MORE RACE INFO!!! "11 Miler (17.7km)"
KIDS! Trail Race
Not just a handful of cones set in a circle....but a REAL trail race where all ages compete fairly! Note...
Run All Three 5ks
Run 1,2, or all 3 5k's in one day.  Why?  Because you can, it is an awesome bargain & you...
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Run All Three 5k’s!

Why just run one 5k? You are here all day anyway. 


 That’s correct.  We have designed our 5K series so that you can run all 3 in one day. 

For doing so, we will give you our coveted “I ran THREE 5k’s in ONE day” prize after completing all 3…..also known as our “Runners with Issues” prizes.  Because if running 3 races in one day is appealing to you…then you have a screw loose….& you are our kind of human. 

How it works:
  1. Sign up for All 3 Races HERE.  
    1. We offer a discount for signing up for all 3 at once.  You can add them on race day, but just commit now and save the $$.  
  2. Show up and pick up your bib and any swag you bought. 
  3. Get to the start line by 8:30 for your first race.
  4. Get to the finish line by 9:30 for your second race
    1. If it takes you more than an hour, no worries, just let the timer or RD know and we will make sure your time is counted for both. 
  5. Get to the finish line by 10:30 to start your 3rd race.
  6. Finish your 3rd race like a warrior
  7. Go inside and collect your “I ran all 3 races” award.
  8. Brag….and go to the water park……then brag to anyone who will listen there as well.  

easy peasy.  sign up  HERE


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Dont forget to use the discount code for the lodging!  Use JPTRF for a discount at Hotel Jay or Stateside! 
Click HERE to go to the Jay Peak Lodging Page