Saturday Races

All races start at Stateside in 2024.

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Saturday Au, Races include:

  • 8:30am Black Diamond 5k
    • With over 1000ft in elevation gain & 2 aid stations, this is one of the hardest but most rewarding 5k’s you will ever complete.
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  • 9:30am Blue Square 5k
    • Some mowed nordic trails, some single track and awesome views.  We are convinced that this might be the best trail 5k in New England.  Come see if we are correct.
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  • 10:30am Green Circle 5k
    • Is it our easiest trail race? Yes. Is it flat? No.  Can you do it?  Yes.  Come join us at 10:30.
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  • 11:30 am KIDS Trail Race
  • Tired of kids trail races that aren’t on trails and unfair to your little one because their are older kids competing with them? Learn why our race is the best kids trail race in the US.