Race FAQ’s

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Pre Race FAQ’s

Race Course FAQ’s

The terrain varies from packed access roads, to single track, to mowed ski slopes. For those reasons, along with the steepness of the accents & descents, you will want your "grippy-est" shoes available. The more traction, the better. Think knobby.
We have no problem with people using these.
Well....lots of hills for one thing. We ARE on a ski mountain. The Sunday races really do have a little bit of everything. Single track, wide nordic track, grassy, mud, rocky, packed access roads (dirt)....literally everything. All trails will be cleared, so there is no orienteering type stuff. Our 5k's have a little bit of everything short of the Green Circle. There is no single track for that one.
umm, no. HOWEVER, lightning is a different story. We will delay or cancel if there is a threat of lightning. If it looks like there is going to be lightning in the forecast, we will contact everyone with our protocol.  If it looks like a good chance of lightning, we will discuss the protocol at our course review meeting on Sat @ 7:30pm in the tram cafeteria & post on this page & FB page. IF we have to cancel because of weather, there is NO rain date nor do we give refunds. If we could control the weather, we would be happy to. But we can't. We will do everything in our power to make sure the event happens, but will not compromise safety. So if rain...or snow (yes it has happened) is in the forecast, just come prepared accordingly.
Please view the maps on the individual race pages for each race to see the locations.
Saturday races will be water & electrolyte drinks.
Sunday races will have typical ultra race supplies at them. Details have been sent to registrants so that they can plan.
Keep in mind the aid station locations and what are at them are based on
1) 7 years of trial & error & runner feedback
2) feedback from Sub 5 Racing managing dozens of other ultras and long distance races.
3) The RD actually running the courses and noting what his body needed (sugar, salt, etc) where and when. While everyone is different, know that these will be stocked...not arbitrarily, but based on runner experience.
We also offer a "custom aid station" option. See how that works in our FAQ page.
and we don't just mean our crew guy Sean (who really is the size of a bear....but he is super nice. )
Don't make a sound like a blueberry and well, dont be the slowest one. You will be fine. No one has been eaten yet.
For the Sunday Races only.
If you give our crew something you want at the TRAM aid station, simply give it to us at the course debriefing meeting on Sat evening or first thing Sun morning (crew leaves by 5:30 to stock aid stations) and we will make sure it is there for you.
1) no alcohol
2) please put your bib # on your item
3) if you leave your container with us, you may not see it until the crew clears out at the end of the race. So make sure it is something you can take with you or you can live without until @ 7pm.
All of our aid stations are medical check points and will either have a medical person there or have direct contact with our medical team. We are set up to reach every spot on the course within 15-20 minutes.
If you happen to get hurt on the course and cannot make it to an aid station, you will be able to give your location easily via phone based on course markings so that our medical crew can find you easily.
We know not everyone will carry a phone.
To remedy this, we also have a rolling team out there checking isolated areas.
We also have a check system in place where we will be able to note and contact medical if you do not make it to the next station in a predicted time (based on other check stations).
While not perfect, we have never lost anyone and in the rare cases had to make a mountain rescue, all went smooth.
Yes, he Sunday races are allowed to have pacers. They MUST pick up a bracelet with your bib # at registration and not allowed to run more than one 1/2 lap, per lap. E.G. If your pacer wants to help you to the tram on the 2nd lap, they can start up with you and run to the tram with you. Then take the tram down. They an even repeat if you need them again for that 2nd or 3rd loop. Great pacer routes: From Base to Tram (@ 3.4 miles) From Tram to @ Stateside (@5 miles) From Stateside to Base (@3 miles)
If you decide it just isn't your day....(happens to all of us), then PLEASE check in with the closest check point if possible. THEN PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE RD &/OR TIMER at the base. This is for your safety and our sanity. The checkpoints will radio the RD who will let the timer know. But please check in anyway so that we know you came off the mountain safely. If you need medical help, please let an aid station manager know or have a runner tell the next aid station so that we can get help to you ASAP. We will gladly give you a medal for however many laps you complete.