Why Jay Peak, Vermont?

If you haven’t been to Jay for a while, boy will you be surprised.  Known for its epic snow, it has always been a mecca for Canadian’s and US residents looking for a no bling place that offers west coast like skiing. Well it still offers that epic skiing, but...

5k Races

Saturday | 9/2/2017 | Starting at 8:30am. Black Diamond 5k Blue Square 5k Green Circle 5k or Run all 3!

Jay Peak Trail Run Summary

This is a family friendly weekend long trail running festival on Sept 2-3, 2017 (Labor Day weekend). Last year hundreds of runners made their way up to Jay Peak for a weekend of sunshine, mud,  and quad burning  fun. This year promises much of the same with pizza and beer...

This is the Official 2017 Jay Peak Trail Running Festival Website

Registration OPEN! MAJOR Changes to make this the most epically epic race EVAH!

Thank you for your patience while we aligned all the stars...and trails!

Jay, Vermont, USA | Sept 2-3 2017
Choose between three 5k's, the NEW 11, or 22 milers or the NEW standard for trail ultras, the 53.1k (33 glorious miles) ultra trail race.....and a real kids trail race (if you're a kid).

NEW! 11 Miler

3485 ft in elevation over 11 miles sound good enough for you? Good, because that is what we is givin’ ya!

Why the New Distances?

Why NOT!  :) Short answer….. feedback! The race accomplishment for most people was not about the distance, it was about the terrain and elevation!! Longer answer if interested….. After several years of doing pretty much the same thing again and again, we compiled years of race feedback to see if...

35.4k Trail Race

Sunday | 9.3.2017 | 8  am. In this epic quad burner of a race,  you will not be without physical or mental pain, but nor will you be denied  the breathtaking views (unless it is cloudy) and the energy of your fellow trail runners and race crew.  

53.1k Ultra Trail Race

Sunday  |  9.3.2017  |  7am. This is been called the hardest 50k in the northeast by some.  This is likely the hardest race you will regret not trying to complete.  With some decent training and our 8 aide stations, we are confident you can complete…and enjoy this course.

5k Races

Saturday | 9/2/2017 | Starting at 8:30am. Black Diamond 5k Blue Square 5k Green Circle 5k or Run all 3!

KIDS Trail Race

HEY KIDS! Ready to race Eddie the Yeti? (dont worry he gets fat and out of shape during his summer in VT) This is not just a thrown together quick fun run, but an all out REAL kids trail race for all ages (up to age  11). This is for...
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